. Controlled release of fat

For 5 years, we have been applying fat over the lean by hand so as to avoid crusting, thereby reducing our fat consumption. To remove this fat, at the end of the process, we have asked a local innovative company specialised in industrial wastes reclaiming for a steam machine. As a result, this new equipment unique in our industry has allowed us to discharge much less fat into the local water network and to reduce drastically our water and gas consumption.

. Controlled enregy consumption

Our facilities (salting room, dryer, resting room, curing, fridges) are equipped with a device that reclaims the calories, thus allowing important energy savings and the reduction of our carbon impact.

. The salt dischatges are divided by 4

In 2010, we set up the first salt vacuum cleaner in Europe. Indeed, it was developed by the most important Italian equipment manufacturer and the prototype was installed in our company, to meet our need to reduce our salt discharges into the water network. In five years the “Salaisons de l’Adour” company has invested 200,000 Euros with the objective to reduce its impact onto its direct environment. Our next project: energy independence. We intend to install solar panels on the ham factory rooftop to produce the electricity that we will consume. Make nice and good products in a preserved environment.