Family History

After World War II, Fernand and Edmond Phalip decided to create a ham salting factory in the Cevennes Mountains in order to salt and dry the ham from the family-owned farm. This is where it all started…
Later on, they set up the “Montagne Noir” ham factory. In the 60’s they created the brand which bears the same name, brand which is still existing today: this is now a fast-growing company which is recognized for its know-how and the quality of its products.
In the early 70’s, the two brothers went apart, and Ferdinand assisted by his son Jean took over the family operations in the Phalip Establishments in Murat/Vebres in the Lacaune Mountains well-known for their ham specialities. The speciality became then the “Cevennes Ham”. In the early 80’s , Jean and Nadine PHALIP left the Tarn region to settle down in the Adour Bassin and IBOS with the aim to salt genuine Bayonne Ham produced in this area which will be protected by the Protected Geographical Identification “Bayonne Ham”.
In 1997, Jean and Nadine PHALIP assisted by Jean Gaêl and Jean-Ronan (their sons) created the “Salaison de l’Adour” and obtained in 1998 the Protected Geographical Identification for “Bayonne Ham” which will protect and promote its designation.

In the early 2000, the dark years …
The Phalip family got associated to the “Noir de Bigorre” consortium making the “Salaison de l’Adour” the official ham seasoner for “Noir de Bigorre”: we salt the SICA ham in a “made-for-him” manner.
Naturally, in 2010, the organic Bayonne Ham came to widen the range of products and meet the needs of the company for sustainable development.
For the past few years, the company has opened up to the international market and it is now exporting to nearly 10 importing countries (Japan, Canada, South Korea, Belgium, Sweden and Germany…)

In 2012, the “Salaisons de l’Adour” has expanded and built new ageing warehouses equipped to meet the “Noir de Bigorre” AOC specifications.

Today, 15 people are working in the company, with a national distribution network, 12 importing countries, 5 third countries export approvals and an increase in the range of the products which are now cured for a longer period : 18 months for the Bayonne Hams, and 36 months for the “Noir de Bigorre” Hams.

Salaisons de l’Adour is essentially oriented towards sectors that privilege and highlighten the quality of the product, the health of the consumers, the protection of the environment and the animal welfare :

– Black Pig from Bigorre AOC
– Label Rouge Farm pork
– OrganicGPI Pork
– Guaranteed Pig Without Antibiotics