We love good things and it naturally led us to develop ham from organic farming. For the production of this organic ham, it was important for us to
respect both the natural farming methods as well as the well being of the animals.

The selected cattle farms all strictly respect organic farming methods and the GPI bill of specifications. The most important for us ? Natural flavours, your health, animal well-being and the protection of our environment.

Our pigs’ origins

Organic farming requires that the animals are bred with natural methods. The pigs we choose all come from an organic farm in the South West of
France where they can enjoy the nice weather and a rich and diversified vegetation under one of the best sunshines in France.


The pigs are raised in semi open air conditions and under the Organic breeding specifications. The size of the cattle is limited thus reducing the risk of diseases. The animals are also more relaxed and less aggressive.


The pigs only eat cereals produced by organic farming at the very farm they are raised in.


Only ingredients from organic farming are used in our maturing process. Natural salt from Salies de Bearn are hand applied on our organic Jambons de Bayonne.
No conservatives.


The process is similar to the traditional Jambon de Bayonne but they are all processed in different places in order to secure the integrity of the product. Our organic Jambons de Bayonne are left to dry for 12 months.


Due to the absence of artificial colorings and nitrate, this ham offers a traditional pale pink colour, proof of our handmade savoir faire.