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Le Noir de Bigorre

Le Noir de Bigorre

an exceptional ham

This ancestral breed from the Pyrenean foothills almost disappeared in the 1980s, but a handful of enthusiasts have revived this unique breed. Today, black pork is highly prized by gourmets and top chefs the world over. A Slow Food sentinel product, black pork ranks among Europe’s finest hams. We are naturally proud to refine this exceptional ham with its fine, inimitable taste.


Le porc Noir and Bigorre

The link between the Porc Noir and Bigorre began to take shape in the 11th century, when Cluniac Benedictine monks founded a number of abbeys specifically in Bigorre, and developed the production and breeding of this animal particularly well-suited to the natural and agricultural environment of Bigorre.

Le Porc Noir de Bigorre

Naturally Bigourdan

Le porc noir de Bigorre est un porc marcheur avec des pattes fines et des aplombs souples, bas sur pattes. Il est totalement adapté à la vie en parcours, sur des terrains pouvant être pentus. Sa rusticité est remarquable, avec une capacité à supporter des variations climatiques et alimentaires importantes, et à accumuler rapidement des réserves lipidiques lorsque la nourriture est importante.

The animals used to produce “Jambon Noir de Bigorre” are fed grass, their complementary feed (wheat, oats, barley, rye, triticale from the geographical area) and, depending on the season, fruit, acorns, chestnuts, apples, medlars and other local resources.

Salting, drying and curing

in the heart of Bigorre

We hand-salt our Black Pork Hams with natural rock salt from Salies-de-Béarn (64).
Our master salters apply a minimum dose of salt to the ham, ensuring gentle salting that does not attack the meat, which is so distinctive of Porc Noir de Bigorre (deep red, melting, juicy, tender and tasty), but rather extracts all its deep flavors and aromas.
We salt our Black Pork Hams by hand with natural rock salt from Salies-de-Béarn (64).
Our master salters apply a minimum dose of salt to the ham, ensuring a gentle salting process that doesn’t attack the distinctive red, melting, juicy, tender and flavorful meat of the Porc Noir de Bigorre, but rather extracts all its deep flavors and aromas.

Our drying facilities are located on the Pyrenean foothills in the heart of Bigorre. Approximately one day in three in autumn and spring, the geographical area receives a mild, dry wind (foehn), alternating with phases of disturbed, humid weather (oceanic air). This local climate is decisive for the drying of Noir de Bigorre. Our cellars are equipped with windows that allow “our winds” to cross the ripening rooms, caressing our hams for a minimum of 2 years, and 36 months for our largest “chambrées”.


Proof of our expertise

Our Jambons Noir de Bigorre are soft and melt-in-the-mouth. Our specific know-how, combining mastery and patience, have revealed subtle, persistent aromas evocative of dried fruit, roasted chestnuts and Bigorre undergrowth.

All our hams are stamped with the NB seal followed by our refiner number “1”, which attests to the quality and origin of all our Noir de Bigorre hams.


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