Maison Phalip

A family story

From the Cévennes
to the Monts de Lacaune

the rise of a family business

After the Second World War, Fernand and Edmond PHALIP decided to set up a salting plant in the Cévennes mountains with the aim of salting and drying the hams produced by the family business: it all began there…

Then, they set up the “Montagne Noire” salting plant, in the 1960s, and created the brand that bears the same name, a brand that still exists today: The company grew and was recognised for its know-how and quality products.

At the beginning of the 70′, the two brothers separated and Fernand, helped by his son Jean took over the operation of the PHALIP Establishment in Murat / Vebres in the LACAUNE mountains (81) known for its cured meats specialities. The speciality will be the “Cévennes ham”.

From the Tarn to the Pyrenees

Salting the real Jambon de Bayonne

At the beginning of the 80′, Jean and Nadine PHALIP left the Tarn to join the Adour Basin and IBOS (65) in order to salt the real Bayonne Ham from the future area protected by the Protected Geographical Identification “Jambon de Bayonne”.
In 1997, Jean and Nadine PHALIP, with the help of Jean Gaêl and Jean Ronan (their children), created Salaisons de l’Adour and in 1998 they were awarded the PGI Jambon de Bayonne, which would protect and promote the appellation.


Les Salaisons de l'Adour

the official salter of Noir de Bigorre...

The Phalip family and Le Noir de Bigorre consortium have joined forces to make Salaisons de l’Adour the official salter of the Noir de Bigorre hams: we salute the hams of the Noir de Bigorre company (SICA) “à façon”.

Naturally, in 2010, organic Jambon de Bayonne was added to the range and meets the company’s needs for sustainable development. At the same time, heavy investments are made to go in the same direction of sustainable development.

Early 2000s,

black years?

In recent years, the company has opened up internationally and deals with nearly 10 countries (Japan, Canada, South Korea, Belgium, Sweden, Germany, etc.).

In 2012, Salaisons de l’Adour expanded and built a new ham cellar specially designed to meet the requirements of the Noir de Bigorre AOC specifications.

Today, there are 15 people working in the company, a national distribution network, 12 export countries, 5 export approvals from third countries and a move upmarket to mature our hams for longer: 18 months for Bayonne hams, 36 months for Noir de Bigorre hams.
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