THE “NOIR DE BIGORRE” ham, a ham of exception.

THE “NOIR DE BIGORRE” ham, a ham of exception. This old breed traditionally produced in the “Pyrenean piedmont” nearly disappeared in the 80’s. It was without reckoning with a couple of connoisseurs who re-launched the production of this unique breed. The ‘Noir de Bigorre” pig meat is today very popular in gastronomy worldwide and well-known among the most famous chefs. As the flagship product of Slow Food, “Noir de Bigorre” is now well-positioned as one of the finest ham in Europe. Of course, we are proud to cure this exceptional ham with fine and inimitable taste.



Our ham drying rooms are located at the heart of Bigorre in the Pyrenean Piedmont

  • HISTORY : The link between “Noir de Bigorre” and the Bigorre region was confirmed in the XIth century when the Benedictine monks founded their numerous abbeys, in particular in Bigorre, and developed the production and breeding of this animal well-adapted for the preservation of the natural and agricultural environment in Bigorre.
  • “NOIR DE BIGORRE” PIGS : This pig is a good walker thanks to its thin and short legs as well as its flexible front legs. It is totally adapted to rough grounds even on steep lands. It has a remarkable hardiness allowing it to endure important whether and food variations and to get fat reserves very quickly anytime there is abundant food.
  • FOOD : The food for these animals meant for the production of “Noir de Bigorre” is made up of pasturage grass as well as complementary feedingstuffs (wheat, oat, barley, rye, triticale from the same area) and according to the seasons : fruits, masts, chestnuts, apples, medlars, and other local resources.
  • SALTING : We salt our ham by hand with natural rock-salt from Salies de Bearn. Our master seasoner applies a minimum dose of salt over the ham allowing a particular salting not aggressive to Noir de Bigorre pig meat (deep red in colour, melt-in-your mouth, juicy, and flavour rich). And on the contrary, it allows to extract all its deep aromas and flavours.
  • DRYING AND CURING : Our drying rooms are located in the Pyrenean Piedmont in Bigorre. About one day out of three in Autumn and Spring, the area profits from a gentle and dry wind (Foehn) altering with periods of damp weather (Ocean air). This local climate has a key role in the drying of “Noir de Bigorre”. Our drying rooms are fitted with windows which allow winds to cross in the curing room and to cure our hams for a minimum period of two years and 36 months for our largest “chambers”.
  • TASTES :Our “Noir de Bigorre” hams are mild and melt-in-your-mouth. Our specific know-how combining expertise and patience has revealed subtle and long-lasting aromas evoking dried fruits, toasted flavours reminiscent of the chestnuts and woods of Bigorre.

All our hams are stamped with the “NB” seal, followed by the seasoner’s number “1” which testifies to the quality and origin of “Noir de Bigorre”” Ham.
The “Salaisons de l’Adour” Company has been processing and curing Bayonne Ham and an exceptional “Bigorre Pork” Ham for 3 generations. We also offer Organic Ham resulting from a close collaboration with local breeders and an approved cutting plant. By selecting first range raw materials and thanks to Basques ancestral methods, “Salaisons de l’Adour” can offer prestigious hams. Please, discover our work, our hams, our passion…
Noir de Bigorre Consortium